Big decisions made based on novated leasing

My lunch break was drawing to a close and I could feel myself fighting it. I didn’t want to get up and walk back into my office. I had been cast aside and my boss had shown me just how much he valued my work efforts – which was not at all. He had been around and offered individual meetings with workers to discuss the possibility of Car Leasing. I had not been included in these conversations, or been offered a private meeting to discuss anything. After working here for nearly ten years, I thought I would be valued a little more than this. I guess it was just hurtful to realise how little people cared about others. I had taken an early lunch and spent my lunch hour sitting in the shade of a tree, enjoying being with nature. There was no one around me, I didn’t have to listen to anyone. I was alone and loving it. Although, as my lunch hour ticked by, the anger managed to leave my body, and was replaced with sadness. I didn’t know why everyone treated me like an outcast. What had I done to deserve this?

I stood up and gathered my things. I started walking towards the office door, but then I saw my car. I was tempted to leave, just go home right now. I thought about it, but then decided that I’d go back into the office. If the boss hadn’t spoken to me about Novated Lease Canberra in an hour, I would approach him about it. If he still didn’t offer me a Novated Lease Calculator, I was going to quit. That was my decision and I was sticking to it. I pumped myself up and walked back into the office. I was ready for this.