Air conditioning appointment needs preparations

I’d done about as much as I could to get the house ready for the technician to arrive. When I had told my sister that, she cracked up laughing. She asked me outright what the technician would be looking at, besides the air conditioning system. I knew she was probably right, the technician wouldn’t care what my place looks like either way. It was more of my issue. I didn’t like people coming into a messy house and thought it was rude to have clutter around if visitors are expected. My sister knew all of this, considering it was my mother who drummed these fussy habits into my head. My sister asked when the man from Air Conditioning Melbourne would be coming over, and I told her that he wasn’t due to arrive till tomorrow morning. She burst into laughter at how similar I was to our mum, so I hung up the phone. I didn’t want to hear her annoyingly childish pokes and prods at me.

I didn’t care if the man from Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne wasn’t arriving until the following morning, at least my house would look lovely when he did arrive. I didn’t know what was so funny about wanting a clean house, and for visitors to think I had self respect. Whether I actually did or not, was a different story. I was very excited about the man from Air Conditioning Service Melbourne coming to have a look at my air conditioner and couldn’t wait to have comfortable sleeps, in a nice comfortable and cool room. I didn’t want to be waking up in summer, covered in sweat and lying in a soaked bed. Comfort was going to be my priority and main focus from now on. I thought I deserved as much.