The toolbox is something to be proud of and to buy

I want to buy it but I have no idea where I would even get one. I had no idea that I would ever be able to get one until the other day when I saw someone in real life have one and I had to ask him if he bought it or not. He said that he did and I ran home to tell the guys. I live in a house with two other guys and we are all excited about getting the aluminium toolboxes that we’ve been wanting for a long time. The smart thing would have been to ask that guy where he got it from instead of just running away, and making an even bigger fool of me. The reason that I was acting the fool was because I was so excited, and when I get excited, and I have seen the toolboxes that I love, I get energetic and I just had to go and tell someone who would appreciate it. Nate and Josh were home at the time, which was good and so I spilled my guts about how great the under body boxes were, and how much I would love to get some of my own. It will be ages before we can track down where exactly that kid got it from, but if we ever found him again, we could then ask him. This seems like a bit of a mission from the Gods. It is a mission for Nate, Josh and me, Jason. We are the three musketeers and if we find the fixed service bodies then I will be able to pass into the life-next a happy nerd. I will be able to say that I saw something so beautiful that it filled my entire soul up with hope, and even for the briefest of lifetimes, it was mine. It will mean a lot to my dad as well.