The big toolboxes will be here soon

I will find them as soon as I can, and when I do I will make sure that I never let them go. I don’t really want to let them go, and if I do, I want you to berate me for a long time. That is how much I don’t want to let them go, so that should be some sort of indication to you. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble here, so if you feel like you don’t want to come, and you feel like searching for the lost treasures of Als-Andann is not worth your time, then you are all free to go. No one will judge you for your choice, as we all had that choice at one point, and all of us have been tempted to make it, if not made it ourselves. No one will think less of you. In any case let’s get on with it then; let us find the aluminum toolboxes. We will get them, bring them back, and with the help of the good doctor, find some more, and bring them back as well. Risken will be able to track the rest of them once he has his hands on a few. According to the ancient scrolls, there is a cache of stuff from the aluminium toolboxes Melbourne company. They will lead the way to the rest of the treasure, just as it was to be intended when the people who set them there, set them there. I have no doubt that whoever finds this first will be the toast of the town for decades to come and will be invited to all of the fancy parties. I also have no doubt that it will be us who finds the draw systems. There is not a large crew on the Neru, but she is a capable ship and her men and women are the best in the land. Our pilot alone is the best pilot in the whole subsector, maybe even the galaxy.