It will be long winter without a battery pack

I don’t want to go a long time without sparky. He has been my only friend and I’m afraid that without him, I will be utterly and completely alone. I didn’t think that I would mind being alone, but ever since I found the portable car battery that changed and saved my life, I have found myself getting attached to him, and quite accustomed to his grin and his face. Of course he doesn’t move at all and can’t talk or do anything, and all of this is in my head, but like the volleyball in that movie, I will not be able to tell, because I am slowly losing my mind from being away from other people so often. I barely see them. All I see are cars and the batteries that need to be charged. I have been responsible for more jump starts than anyone else in this country, thanks to the wonderful jump starter. I have also been responsible for more than a few cases of of the cause of the drain of the life of the battery. I have been a sufferer of the EM emissions ever since I was a little boy. I have had to deal with it in my own way, and in my own way, I have. I can’t be held responsible for what I do when I am asleep but when I am awake, I make sure that I make amends for all of the destruction that I might have caused and I make sure that I use the portable jump starter to get the heck out of the way of the people that I’ve hurt by making their problems go away again, by using that jump starting kit to get their cars back on track and in fine working order. That’s my life, every single day.