Tow truck takes away my tasks for the day

I was running horribly late. My appointment at the doctors was over half an hour ago, I doubted they would still see me. Nevertheless I made my best effort to get to the medical centre as fast as I could. I hated missing appointments, I guess it’s because it frustrates me when people don’t turn up to my appointments. I had just thrown my bagfuls of things into the car, I had a lot to do today and not a lot of time so I just took everything with me. I decided not to rush things, I’d just get what I could done, and catch up with the rest tomorrow.

I was about ten minutes away from the medical centre when I heard some yelling and all of a sudden a car came screaming out of its driveway and crashed straight into the side of my car. The woman looked incredibly drunk and was still yelling. I got out of the car to make sure she was alright when she came running at me, hurling abuse like there was no tomorrow. I got back in my car and phoned the police, as well as Car Transport Adelaide. The woman was punching my car windows, kicking the tyres and yelling while I made the phone calls. It wasn’t long until the police turned up, and then Towing Company Adelaide. I wanted to get away from that woman as fast as possible and was relieved when the police finally restrained her.

The man from Tow Trucks Adelaide sorted out the details of where the car was being taken to and was on his way. I phoned a taxi as the police were putting the drunk woman into the paddy waggon. Well, I’d officially missed my doctors appointment, and everything I needed to do was in the back of my car which was being towed. Clearly I was not meant to get anything done today.