We’re nearly there, we just have to get the horse stables up and running

The few days leading up to my daughter’s birthday were very hard for my wife and I. We had been keeping a fairly large secret from our daughter Nicole, and we had never done anything like that before. We were usually a very well connected family, who spoke about everything. I prided myself on our communication skills and knew it was what kept us together as a family. I couldn’t stand the thought of my daughter shutting off from me, or my wife not speaking to me about her concerns. We’ve worked hard to achieve what we have, which is why it was so hard not to tell Nicole that we had bought her a horse.

The stables had to be constructed and if we wanted to keep her present a secret, we would have to keep Nicole away from the house until they were finished. My wife and I had thought long and hard about how we were going to do that, ensuring she was safe. It wasn’t until after the man from Stable Construction Tamworth had come to our house, that we thought of going away for a few days. Nicole’s birthday was the perfect excuse to take a short holiday, we just had to figure out where. My wife had organised the trip and called the team at Farm Barns Tamworth. My wife hung up the phone looking very pleased with herself. She skipped over to the kitchen, where I was preparing lunch and told me that Garages Tamworth had agreed to do everything in the time that we were away. Everything was going perfectly. Now we just had to convince our daughter that a short holiday away with her parents would be an awesome and fun way to spend the days just before her sixteenth birthday, instead of partying with her closest friends.