Daughter’s first crush at the physio

I could tell by my daughter’s instant mood change that she was fond of the physiotherapist. I couldn’t blame her, I mean, he was incredibly attractive. I noticed his chiselled features and broad jaw line when I was yelling at him. My face turned red. Now I was humiliated that I had treated him like such a horrible person, when he had done nothing wrong.

I watched as the man from Physio Rouse Hill circled m y daughters ankle, assessing her injury off her reactions and what he could feel with his hands. She was completely focused on him, barely able to answer his questions when he asked them. It was the first time I’d seen my daughter be captivated by a man. It made me think about just how old she was now, and what I was getting up to when I was her age. I still thought of her like my baby girl, not a fifteen year old independent teenager. The physio from Physiotherapist Rouse Hill sat down and drew some exercises on a few pages of paper and handed them to my daughter, who was trying to pose seductively on the bed. I giggled a little bit and she shot me a horrible look.

The man from Sports Physio Rouse Hill went on to tell my daughter a few things about her injury, like having to keep it iced, and elevated. She was basically hypnotised by him, almost floating after him anytime he went anywhere. I thought about taking a photo of her, to show her once we’d left, but I knew that would only make her mad. By the time the appointment was over the physiotherapist was basically pushing us out the door, in order to get his next appointment started.