Rubbish to some, treasure to others

My younger brother had enjoyed fixing things ever since he was young. He had transformed our backyard into what looked like a wreckers yard. He had old rusted bikes everywhere, car parts and motorcycle parts scattered across rows of shelving, computer equipment and any other random bit of equipment he could get his hands on. My parents were not happy with him. They kept telling him to clean up the yard and to get rid of whatever he no longer needed. He always said you’d never know when he might need something and never throw away anything more than a handful of screws at a time.

One afternoon I watched Mum try to navigate her way through my brothers mess to the washing line to hang out some laundry. She tripped over a rusted bike tyre and hurt her wrist badly. I lost my temper and screamed at my brother. I couldn’t believe he was happy to ruin our parents garden with junk, and refuse to keep it tidy.

When Mum and I got home from the doctors, my father was telling my brother that he’d had enough. I heard him saying that my brother needed to sort out what he wanted to keep and that it must fit in the garden shed. Anything that was left in the yard would be collected by the Garden Waste Canberra team. Apparently Dad had arranged for Rubbish Removal Canberra to come around in two days time and clear out the backyard. It had gone too far.

My brother was very upset but when he saw Mum’s wrist bandaged up he smartened up and headed straight outside and started sorting.

When the Hard Rubbish Collection Canberra team arrived my brother left the house. He said he didn’t want to watch them take away his things. The rest of us on the other hand, celebrated as each bit of rubbish was thrown in the back of the truck.