Urgent, shed needed for time travel experiments

I’d been researching time travel for a long time now. I always knew it was possible and dedicated the last four years of my life to the research and study of time travel. I had to think seriously about building the time machine and conducting tests before I started and one of the things I needed to do was to have a shed built. I knew that Stable Builders Tamworth built custom sheds to suit people’s needs so I figured they would be able to knock something together for me.

I phoned Storage Sheds Tamworth and spoke with them about what they had to offer. They had a great choice range and I was able to find something that would be suitable for experiments and scientific tests. I need something that would be big enough to conduct trials for time travel. I needed a lot of space and a high ceiling, which luckily, Carports Tamworth were able to provide me with. Now that the construction of my shed is underway I can focus on the more important things like gathering and setting up equipment. I had a few things to find before I would begin trying to put my time travel device together. I had a fair idea of what would happen, how the experiments would go and expected great results. Everyone who knew me thought I was crazy, but I have discovered the secret of time travel and if people choose not to believe me then that is there choice. I was so anxious to get underway with my testing that I stayed up all night organising my research and finding important information that I would need to stick up around the shed. I will show them all, me – Harvey Fry will be the first man to use time travel.