Buy a lemon and you’ll need a tow truck!

I am so excited. I’ve been saving up for the past year to get my first car. I only work four days a week after school, and the pay isn’t the best but I’m proud of myself for saving as much as I have. Most of my friends at school had their parents buy them their first cars. They were really lucky. I doubt they will value their cars as much as I’ll value mine. I worked hard for mine and for that I stand proud.

My dad drove me down to where the car was for sale. It wasn’t through a dealership or anything like that, just advertised on the internet. It seemed like a great car from the pictures and the description.

When we pulled into the driveway a man appeared on the front doorstep, greeting me with open arms. He seemed like a friendly man, although that could have been due to the amount of alcohol he’d previously ingested. He showed me around the car, popped the bonnet, and let me have a test drive. I was in love.

I handed over the cash, we signed papers and it was done. I started driving home and twenty minutes later the car had broken down. I was sitting on the side of the road in my new car that apparently didn’t work. I called my father crying and he told me to call Towing Company Adelaide and get them to drive it home for me.

When the Tow Truck Adelaide the driver told me to jump in the front seat while he loads the car on. As soon as I closed the passenger-side door I burst into tears. Had I just paid for a car that wouldn’t go?

We arrived at home and I had only just stopped crying. As soon as I made eye contact with Dad the tears started again. We paid the man from Towing Adelaide and wished him a good night. Dad popped the bonnet and gave me a nod. We’d be able to fix it. Thank goodness for my dad!