Christening invitations and the help some people require

My aunt was rushing around like a mad woman. She had been trying to arrange her son’s Christening for a few weeks now. She wanted it to be extravagant and have the best of everything. Her son was the most important thing in her life and she wanted everyone at the Christening to know that. I had been staying at my aunt’s house to help out with the arrangements. It turned out I was moreso there to babysit my nephew while she made all the arrangements. I didn’t mind. My aunt had asked me to help her this morning and I still didn’t know what she wanted me to do. I hung around the kitchen, waiting for my aunt to resurface and explain to me what she wanted me to help her with. By the time my aunt came back into the kitchen, I was feeding my nephew, waiting for her. When I asked her what she’d wanted my help with, my aunty told me she just needed my opinion on a few Boys Invitations. I thought she had needed me to do something important, not tell her which of the Boys Christening Invitations I liked the best.

I started talking to my nephew as my aunt left the room, rushing of after the phone that was ringing loudly. I told my nephew how crazy his mother could be and how much she was worrying about the Childrens Invitations she’d decided to go with. It was great that my aunt was able to make a decision about the invitations, now she just had to place the order. Of course, when my aunty put lunch on she informed me that she would like me to place the order for the invitations. I knew I was going to end up doing and thought to myself that I should have just done it before.