Granny flat company brings hope for freedom

It wasn’t like I was asking my parents for much. I was nearly twenty years old, and if they weren’t going to allow me to move away from them, they’d have to come to some sort of compromise. It was only fair. I’d spent my adolescent life being trapped in this tiny country cottage that sat amidst a large property. The place was big enough to fit five more houses on, I’m sure that a small granny flat wasn’t going to cause too much trouble. I wondered how I was going to go about asking my father. He was someone you had to approach carefully, at the right time, with the right attitude. If for one second my father suspected you were putting a fake tone into your voice or had an ulterior motive, he would ignore you. My father had a knack for seeing straight through people. The thing was, I was getting too old to live with my parents. My parent’s had become worried about me living on my own, after watching countless episodes of A Current Affair and Today Tonight, filling their minds with fear. I had to do this properly if I was serious about the possibility.

My father was sitting in the lounge with a cup of tea and the daily newspaper. I sat down beside him and asked if he’d heard of Granny Flats Tamworth. Looking up from his paper, eyeballs peering over the top of his glasses frame. He looked concerned and raised his left eyebrow. I continued to explain that Garages Tamworth had some great deals on at the moment and how they offered granny flats. My father looked at me, raising his eyebrow further. He knew what I was going to say, but I went ahead anyway, suggesting he go down to Stables Tamworth and have a chat with them, before his eldest daughter ran away.