Old caterers out, in with the new

Having the catering company quit on me a week before my son’s birthday party was not something I anticipated. I had spent months planning the party and inviting everyone I could. It had ended up a party just as much for the parents, as it was for the children. I wanted everyone to have a good time at the party – I didn’t want it to be a hassle for the parents to stay and look after the kids, I wanted them to want too. Everything had been organised and scheduled to go smoothly. The caterers that I had booked everything in with, had just phoned me to tell me that their head chef has just quit and that they’ve had to cancel all of their future jobs. My mind had instantly been thrown into chaos and my vision of the perfect birthday party for my son, came crashing down around me. I was in panic mode and did the only thing I could think of – I called my husband.

Luckily for me, my husband knew how to calm me down. I hadn’t been that flustered in a long time and I could see no possible way for me to fix the situation. My husband was able to open my eyes to what was around me and help me see clearly. He told me not to worry, and to give the team at Fresh Sandwiches and Wraps Melbourne a call. Suddenly, the chaos in my head stopped and I saw clearly. I thanked my husband for his understanding and and hung up the phone. I couldn’t believe I didn’t even think to call Finger Food Catering Melbourne. Now that my husband had cleared my mind, I would be able to call Party Catering Melbourne and make the arrangements.