The land of milk and honey has some aluminium in it too

I can’t wait move on. I want leave this place. I feel like we have been here forever. I do not know when we got here because we have been here for too long. I do not like it any more than you do, and I want us to leave here right now, before we forget that we were ever not here. I know that we were having such fun with the aluminium tray Melbourne crew and company, but we have to go to other places, and keep on spreading the good word about how great and durable these toolboxes really are. I am starting to forget what it was like out there. What the different sounds sounded like or the smell. I’m sure there are other places, but I can’t seem to quite remember them. We have to leave this place, Michael. We have to leave here right now before it is far too late. For all we know it is too late and we’ve been trying to leave for months, for years. I won’t stand for it. I have to leave. I think that our best bet is to talk to Jim and ask him to get us out of here right now. I don’t know who is listening but I know that I don’t want anyone to listen. I will not say anything else and I will meet you on the other side, with all of the gas bottle holders that you can carry. We will need them all when we reach Cherves, so that we can keep on giving this fine work to the people of Aerros. I hope that you can pick up all of the under body boxes and get them to the border with Jim. He might be able to teleport in and out of here if he wanted to.